Talaya Schmid

Womanhood & Sustainability – Gruppenausstellung

Womanhood & Sustainability – Gruppenausstellung

“Womanhood & Sustainability” is three-dimensional: it
combines art, the concept of sustainability and the role of
women or gender per se. It is well known that women play an
important role in building a more sustainable environment.
But why? The artwork produced by the six female artists ‒
Ecem Yerman, Gözde Ilkin and SENA from Turkey and Patricia
Jacomella, Aglaia Haritz and Talaya Schmid from Switzerland
‒ may provide an answer to this question.
The strength of the project lies in its diversity.
“Womanhood & Sustainablity” is an intercultural project
between Turkish and Swiss female artists. Moreover, the
French, Italian and German-speaking regions of Switzerland
are all represented in the group of Swiss artists.
Alongside the joint exhibition launching on 8 March, we
have organized in Ankara and Istanbul one month of art talks,
workshops, performances and panel discussions on the topic
of “art, ecology and women”. Our partners are representatives
of the art scene and the ecological movement, local NGOs,
universities and interested Swiss and Turkish private companies.
The rule is nobody is excluded and interaction with the
audience is wanted.
Art serves as a bridge between different cultures, ideas
and world-views. The project creates platforms for creative
collaborations and facilitates an intercultural dialogue
between people from different backgrounds.
This is exactly what motivates me personally to invest
my energy and time into this project: to create a better
understanding between and to unite people from Turkey and
Switzerland as well as within both countries to contribute to
a world with less fragmentation and division.

Ariane Tinner
Project Director | Counsellor, Embassy of Switzerland in Turkey


In collaboration with the Embassy of Switzerland in Turkey

Fotografien © Barek

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