Talaya Schmid

Infinit Pool of Love and Juices

Infinit Pool of Love and Juices

The modular tufted rug “Infinite Pool of Love and Juices”
is a declaration of love to nature and all living human and
nonhuman organisms. It manifests an ecosexual approach by
shifting the metaphor “Earth as Mother” to “Earth as Lover”,
to create a more reciprocal and empathetic relationship with
the natural world.
The artwork with the two fox-like women in a round
pool filled with water refers to fluidity and shows a place of
well-being and comfort, with the possibility of spilling over,
diving in, melting away.
It is a vote for a society without categorizations, and
the total fusion of diverse natural beings – in love – because
love is not restricted, it comes in infinite variations, we
consciously need to generously spend and spread it: and
thankfully receive it.

Museum Cermodern

In collaboration with the Embassy of Switzerland in Turkey

Fotografien © Barek

  • Kurator:in:
  • Carole Kambli & Burçak Yakıcı
  • Institution:
  • Cermodern